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"Christian" Magic
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Some related sites that you may find interesting; check them out.

bulletSouthside Church of the Nazarene
bulletThe Home of Hope
bulletPastor Kreigh's home church
bulletFellowship Of Christian Magicians
bulletThe Fellowship of Christian Magicians Inc. is an international organization of people dedicated to the "encouragement and promotion of a high standard of presentation of the Gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and to the winning of souls to Christ.".
bulletCharlie Horner and the Boys
bulletYour complete resource for ventriloquist services, custom figures and voice lessons. Charlie and the Boys have Gospel as well as traditional ventriloquist routines to meet any need!
bulletCharlie is also the proprietor of Kingdom Magic, a great place to purchase all your magic, ventriloquism, and clown supplies - there is a link from his sight
bulletChurch of the Nazarene International Headquarters


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