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Magic Lessons Available

Anyone 8 years or older interested in learning magic?

Have you had dreams of being a magician but just didnít know where to turn to learn those cool tricks? Maybe you just want to pick up a few things to show to your friends at your next party or a get together. Now is your chance. I am offering both private and group instruction in the art of illusion. Let me help you fulfill your dreams.

I have been a performing magician for over 30 years (since I was in sixth grade); I received my first magic kit in fifth grade and practiced, practiced, practiced. I performed my first "for pay" show for a friends birthday party just as I was beginning the sixth grade, and the fun hasn't stopped. I am currently director of The Magic Schoolhouse, teaching the next generation of magicians, in Indianapolis, IN. I also build custom illusions; many of which I have used in my own shows over the years. One of my favorites is the Lion and Cobra, designed by Paul Osborne. Some of the smaller illusions (parlor size) I have built with my students at the Magic Schoolhouse.

I have consulted on magical effects for a couple of off-Broadway productions.

My rates a very reasonable and I keep the group classes small to ensure as much individual attention as possible.

Classes in Indianapolis, Indiana only!

Email me for more information.



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